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Meet Our Professionals

Meet Our Professionals







Anna Brantman, DAOM, LAc – received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from Moscow Medical University nearly 20 years ago. She specialized in Family Medicine and maintained her private practice until she relocated to the United States. Here, Dr. Brantman graduated with Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and later earned her Doctoral Degree in the acupuncture pain management sub-specialty.

Trained both in western and eastern medicine, she draws patients with various medical conditions into her practice. Dr. Brantman integrates her individual clinical experience with that of her colleagues, and the best of biomedical research available in the field. Her interests lie with the integrative treatment of pain and complimentary care for women.  She is a staff physician acupuncturist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and a co-investigator of several research studies.





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